Другите за нас

I thought I'd seen everything about coaching… but somehow this new experience – You Can Project held in Sofia – helps me to see everything in a new light, and in a more supportive way for young people development.

I learnt a lot from the content of the course and from the group.The structure of the program was genuinely excellent, interactive, interesting and usefull.

A warm KUDOS for Veronika and Paulina which were brilliant in bridging the gap between the fun of the outdoor activities and the real world of work, making sure delegates clearly understand and learn from the tasks. Veronika is a very good presenter, very inspirational, approachable, and supportive. I liked Paulina structured way of thinking, able to split the program in right size bites for everyone, developing the confidence of all individuals by using hands on activities and bring out the best in each participant. Perfect program co-facilitation!

One of the most amazing outcome of this project was to see how different generations (teachers and young students) were perfectly blended in the program flow and both receptive to different points of views, giving us the chance to maximize learning from the activities and supporting each other to better prepare for future challenges. I also learned a great deal about myself, my peers, and how to be an inspirational trainer and psychotherapist.
                                                                                                                                               Definitely I took away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply.

                                                                                                                                           Overall the course was excellent and I will recommend it with confidence.
Thank you for everything!

Bogdan Hambrich, Romania
За мен беше уникално преживяване изпълнено с много забавни и интересни моменти. Научих по малко за различните култури и направих нови приятелства. Вече съм по-запозната с това какво трябва да се включва в cv. Определено бих се радвала да взема участие в Erasmus отново!

Божидара Цонева 17г.

Преживяването в Румъния беше наистина новост за мен и напълно ново приключение. Приключение изпълнено с много запознанства, знания и някои премеждия, но полезни такива. Открих нови собствени способности и отворих много вратички към предстоящия ми свят.

Преслав Танчев – 17г.