Bulgaria and me - Camila
Or when you develop an unexpected passion for Banitsa

"... Was I terrified on my first day of school? Yes, yes and yes again. 
During the break, girls came at me and hugged me. This is not very Covid friendly but what the hell! I hugged them back of course and my heart melted with joy and relief. Kids are so sweet. These young little fellas are the best part of the experience. 
As a foodie, I was in heaven since Bulgaria has a wide variety of yogurts, cakes and cheese. Each day, I was trying a new one. What a bless!
And Banitsa! Did I tell you about Banitsa?
Bulgaria has so much to offer. I won’t forget Bulgaria and I hope to see this beautiful land again to finally visit the Rila Monastery, Veliko Tarnovo and Varna.
Обичам България"

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Bulgaria and me - Bruna
A tiny step is still a step

"...I flied from Portugal and arrived on a sunny afternoon. I met with my flat mate and the other volunteers. I remember I was chatting a lot, putting on a big smile. Back then, I wanted to make a difference. I was full of energy and enthusiasm.
Kids were amazing. I mean…truly amazing. For them, I was happy to commute. And as soon as I would see their faces, I would forget about my tiredness. Because…yeah…they worth it.
What this experience taught me overall is that a tiny step is still a step. I put all my heart, my faith and my energy in what I did. I loved every minute of my stay in Bulgaria."

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