Bulgaria and me - Roscoe

I am….

Roscoe Fenton from Great Britain.

 I am proud of...

 I am proud of being open and willing enough to try my hand at volunteering in Bulgaria!

 Which particular moment or memory stands out for you through your experience with Can You?

 The moment that springs to mind was when I was first entrusted with a High School class with which to teach… on my own! After an initial moment of nerves before the class began it went as smoothly as one can hope. I really enjoyed teaching the students and hope they got as much out of it as I did!

How Bulgaria/your experience with Can You changed you?

It developed my confidence and ability to think on my feet, the type that develops whilst working specifically with young people! The experience challenged me in the ways only living abroad can do when you’re still learning and developing as an individual. It gives you a certain sense of wonderment, curiosity, appreciation and gratitude all intermingled. Also, a first-hand cognisance of culture and society on the opposite side of Europe (or simply a community different from your own) and what life is and means to a people is increasingly vital in the times ahead.

What do you think other people should know about Can You?

Can You facilitates you to be better than you are at the moment. Can You supplies you with the tools, contacts and knowledge, in the heart of Sofia, and puts everything in place for you to thrive and grow.

​What are the two inspiring take-aways from your experience with Can You that you can pass on to others?

1. Not to brag, but the Kindergarten class I was working with were devastated when they learned I was to leave at Christmas. Screaming and crying. Bit of an ego boost…

2. Watching the High School production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ that I helped direct. The opportunity was offered a few weeks into the new term and I decided to give it a go. It was great working and teaching in a vocational setting as well as an academic one and it was a great metaphorical and literal curtain-closer on my time in Bulgaria in 2019.


 I can be thrown into any classroom and swim not sink… or at least tread water!