Can You Association is pleased to note the presence of our team at 9 football matches thanks to the initiative of the Amateur Mini Football League (AMFL) - Bulgaria, under the project "Football for All", funded by the Erasmus+ programme. These matches served as an opportunity to engage and empower the local community. Football, in particular, has proven to be a universal language that transcends borders, bringing together people from different backgrounds and fostering a sense of belonging.

Focusing on marginalised groups including refugees, immigrants, Roma and NEETs, these matches have provided a platform for cohesion and inclusion. Participants celebrated personal growth and built lasting relationships while overcoming barriers and stereotypes.

These matches had a far-reaching impact, strengthening communities and fostering a more inclusive society. By promoting dialogue and understanding, they laid the foundations for subsequent social change. 

Looking ahead, our team remains committed to harnessing the power of positive social change. Through continued collaboration and innovation, we will strive to expand opportunities for all people to participate and thrive.

We extend our gratitude to all involved in making these matches happen. Together we have demonstrated the transformative potential of sport!

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