"We love Bulgaria" - Camila and Amelie

"We love Bulgaria" - Camila and Amelie

Volunteers Camila from Spain and Amelie from the UK visited Bulgaria for a second time with a great enthusiasm and desire. They took part of the organization and coordination of the International Folklore Festival VITOSHA which aims to promote the art of dance and preserve the folklore of different cultures from around the world. They shared that the experience was amazing and unforgettable.

“I really enjoyed the vibe and the whole atmosphere on the festival. So many cultures came together to show their traditions which aren’t the same but the joy in their eyes was equal.” – Amelie

The girls are extremely satisfied with their trip which they describe as very enjoyable and salutary. The reasons for these great impressions besides the new skills they mastered are that they’ve got the chance to meet new people from different cultures and getting to know.

Apart from Sofia, Camila had the pleasure to see Plovdiv while Amelie visited the former capital Veliko Tarnovo. Camila and Amelie fell in love with the Bulgarian country for the cheerful people, the tasty traditional food and the street art. Amelie is amazed from the beautiful language and the interesting alphabet – Cyrillic, and the beautiful voices of the Bulgarian girls singing while dancing like their ancestors did.

Camila will also remember the museums and majestic monuments preserved a centuries-old history of a culture and the delicious food like “banitsa” and shopska salad. The volunteers depart from Bulgaria with wide smile and a lot of great memories willing to come again.

“I love Bulgaria and I’m willing to come again and again!” - Camila