Who are we?
We are an organisation that believes in helping youth and kids  grow by making them aware of their potential and encouraging them to unleash their talent & skills!

What we do?
Life changing experiences
Exchanges, trainings, initiatives that support kids & youth and help make their dreams become a reality

​You can be the next!
Train me
Train me

informal methods of education for upgrading skills and inspiration.

"Train me" is realized with the participation of 38 representatives of the youth sector from 8 countries, who upgraded their learning skills, acquired skills to work with non-formal education methods and gained inspiration and motivation for their future work.

You Can
You Can

Coaching culture in the organization - active listening, teamwork, building an environment of trust.

The "You Can" project brought together 38 young professionals from 8 countries, who upgraded their skills in working with young people and teams. They got acquainted with the coaching competencies and their application in the youth and corporate sector.

Follow me
Follow me

Coaching competencies for individual and group work.

"Follow me" took place with the participation of 13 countries and 42 participants who acquired coaching competencies, including building an environment of trust, effective communication, levels of listening and how to listen actively, the role of strong questions, goal setting and tracking of progress.

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