Movement and health skills
The motor culture created in childhood leave an imprint forever. That is why it is important for children to receive joyful experiences and associations related to movement and sports from early on. This will keep them healthy and active throughout their lives. For this reason, we have developed a programme that helps children build both valuable motor skills and a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Enthusiasm for sports and knowledge
With fun games and exercises "Can you?" ignites the curiosity of young children for different types of movements and sports. We have added educational elements for learning colors, numbers, words. Each of our 45-minute hours is filled with fascinating activities that develop both body and mind.

Invaluable achievements
While the children have fun and play freely in our classes, they manage to:
• develop balance, reaction, coordination and orientation;
• train their endurance;
• gain strength and confidence in their body;
• build self-confidence in their abilities;
• improve their social and communication skills;
• form a positive association with physical activity.

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