What are our workshops?
Our workshops are an experience for different groups of people who are looking to develop, update and improve themselves. They are suitable for three target groups; children, youth and adults in the context of their organizations.

Through our workshops, we create a field for deployment in:
* Emotional intelligence
* Key skills needed throughout life
* Entrepreneurship and creativity
* Critical thinking and social participation
* Motor skills and physical activity

The combination of these key abilities unlocks potential and helps our future development.

What has changed?
Our workshops incorporate the best of a variety of practices and techniques – combined to support the sustainable development of our skills, knowledge and competencies.

Depending on the theme of the workshop and the age of the participants, we have integrated:
* Informal education
• Suggestopedia[GB1] 
* Coaching practices
* Montessori Methods
* Waldorf methods
* Outdoor activities
•Body percussion
* Motor activity - a combination of sport and dance
* Other

What can we do for you?

Join one of our workshops along with others just like you to create many new friends, challenge yourself and have fun.

Among our favourite fall workshops:
* Entrepreneurship and socially responsible business
* Skills needed in the 21st century
* Coaching competencies and informal education
* Caring for the world around us
* Emotional intelligence
You can send a request for a specific workshop