Quality education changes lives and leads to opportunities of a different level!

As part of the Oxbridge Olympiad THREE leading schools from Bulgaria have been chosen based on their current academic results to participate by a Board of Education advisor.

The Olympiad will award:
scholarships of 50%
5 scholarships of 40%
10 scholarships of 30%
from Tuition fees of Leading colleges in the UK for the following programmes:
  • GCSEs
  • A-Levels
  • Foundation Courses
The scholarships will be awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional ability, the potential for development and innovative thinking.
Each student who has participated in the Olympiad will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Participation’ showing their commitment towards education and its values.

Why participate:
Olympiad exams prove extremely beneficial for students. These national or international level exams help students in a number of ways. The following are the benefits offered by Olympiads:
  • Olympiads give a boost to students’ reasoning abilities.
  • They help students assess their capabilities and have a better idea of their potential.
  • They help students understand their weaknesses which can then be worked upon.
  • Olympiads challenge students’ intellect in such a way that it promotes a deeper understanding of scientific facts.
  • They sharpen the students’ analytical skills.
  • Competing at the national or international level provides students a different level of exposure.

Who can participate:
Students 14-19 years of age are eligible.
Stages of the competition:
Round 1: 11.03.2021 – Attending ONLINE Career & Info workshop with representative from the UK
  • Career Workshop: Goal-setting, recognising own values, creating and developing your future, and much more!
  • Education in the UK: Details about the educational system in the UK and how to navigate it
  • Olympiad Information: Details about the Olympiad and instruction on later rounds.     
Round 2: 12.03.2021 – 18.03.2021 –  Registration and Academic results

Round 3: 19.03.2021 – 25.03.2021 – Essay Preparation (Students will be given a topic on the 19.03 and will have 7 days to prepare their essays)

Round 4: 30.03.2021 – 02.04.2021 – 1-to-1 interviews with a representative from the UK Education Advisory Board

Successful candidates at each round will be provided with further detailed information about the next round via email.