K2 Positive Discipline

K2 Positive Discipline
Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in youth

Positive Discipline project overview
- Start date: 31/05/2022
- Duration: 12 months

Following our training in the Positive Discipline course, we were inspired to explore how alternative tools and methods can support youth workers in their mission to enhance the quality of their work and foster positive connections with young people from diverse backgrounds. This led to the creation of our Board Game- Connectication.

At our core, we aim to address the challenges and needs faced by professionals in education, training, and general youth work. Through our project, we strive to equip youth workers with effective tools and methodologies of positive discipline, empowering them to navigate the obstacles they encounter in their daily work while engaging, connecting, and empowering the young individuals they serve.
Our primary goals are twofold:

1. Providing Youth Workers with Positive Discipline Tools: We believe that by equipping youth workers with practical tools and methods rooted in positive discipline, we can better equip them to tackle the challenges they face in their daily work. Our aim is to foster engagement, connection, and empowerment among young people, ensuring their holistic growth and development.

2. Promoting Positive Discipline Across Sectors: By advocating for the use of positive discipline tools and methodologies across different sectors, we strive to promote inclusion and address pressing issues such as learning disadvantages, early school leaving, low attendance, disinterest in online education, and the lack of connection. Through these efforts, we hope to create a more supportive and enriching environment for young individuals.

To bring our vision to life, we have developed a dynamic and engaging tool: the Positive Discipline Board Game. Rooted in theory, know-how, and innovative techniques for problem-solving, emotion and attitude management, this game aims to provide youth workers and all stakeholders supporting youth with a comprehensive understanding of their everyday challenges. Moreover, it fosters stronger connections among these stakeholders, forging a unified front in promoting positive discipline.

Our journey began in Sofia, Bulgaria, where we conducted our international workshop on November 22nd, 2022. Despite the grumpy weather, representatives from all partner organizations gathered for a delightful meet-and-greet, accompanied by a refreshing coffee session. The workshop delved into positive discipline tools, concepts, and the integration of gamification to enhance its practical use. Subsequently, we embarked on a brainstorming session and lively discussion to refine the main concept of the game, its goals, and its essential components.
Building on our progress, we met again in Athens, Greece, on December 15th and 16th, 2022. Representatives from Can You / Ти можеш ли, Eventures, and Agrupamento de Escolas Trigal de Santa Maria came together to strategize and discuss the implementation of the Positive Discipline Board Game. We aimed to create a tool that addresses the social-emotional development of young people and fosters a culture shift in youth work.
During this meeting, we finalized the copywriting for the game manual and cards. Working in collaboration with our partners from Portugal and Greece, we began the creative journey of visualizing the game. A team of talented illustrators and designers came together to bring the game to life, ensuring that every deck and card resonated with our vision.
In the first week of May, we met once again in Braga, Portugal, for a final meeting with our partners. This gathering focused on the creation and testing of the Board Game- Connectication. Throughout the preceding weeks, youth workers, teachers, and social workers from Greece, Bulgaria, and Portugal, along with children aged 9-13, actively participated in playtesting the game prototype. Their invaluable feedback and insights guided us in refining the content of the Connectication card decks to optimize the gaming experience.
Additionally, we dedicated time to devising a comprehensive dissemination plan to ensure the game's popularity among our target groups.
We are excited to witness the positive influence our project will have on youth work and the young people it serves. Through the power of positive discipline, we envision a future where youth workers are equipped with effective tools, enabling them to create meaningful connections, empower youth, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.
Join us in this transformative journey as we embrace positive discipline in action!

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