New opportunities for adult female victims of violence through art

Erasmus+ Small-scale partnerships in adult education

Project Overview:
  • Start date: 1 January 2023
  • Duration: 19 months

NEW is a European Union funded project that aims to empower adult women victims of violence through the transformative power of art.  Gender-based violence continues to be a problem in today's society and initiatives that offer hope and empowerment are a light for progress. The NEW Project is such a light that aims to inspire people through the creative process and shine a light on gender issues and the profound inequalities that women face in their daily lives. This includes raising awareness about the prevalence of gender-based violence and the lasting impact of such traumatic experiences on both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

The project is implemented in partnership between the Can You Association and the Greek organization IASIS, aiming to raise awareness about gender-based violence and believing in the transformative power of art.

Project Objectives:
1) Melioration of mental health of the female victims of violence.
2) Promotion of the healing power of Art and Cultural activities as a means of therapeutic occupation.
3) Enhance the target group's skills, via workshops and high-quality educational material.
4) Raise awarenes around gender-based violence against women.
5) Promote an environment of inclusion for female victims of violence, who often feel marginalised.
6) Improve access to high-quality learning contents.
7) Collaborate with high-skilled partners.
8) Promote the idea of Erasmus+ projects and the benefits they have.
9) Enhance a sense of inclusion, acceptance and non-judgement.

NEW project activities are designed to achieve these objectives in a practical and tangible way:

The first activity aims to create role models videos:
A total of four videos, shared in Bulgarian, Greek and English, enable women to share their stories, provide real experiences and empower women victims of violence to take leadership positions. The role model videos not only motivate women, partners and stakeholders, but also serve as a model for women to start writing their own leadership stories and sharing their experiences. 

The second activity aims to create a NEW Handbook:
The NEW Handbook serves as a comprehensive resource containing national literature review in the two countries partnering on the project, examples of good practices and feedback from focus groups.
Additionally conducting 8 artistic workshops led by trained professionals to provide women with a platform for creative expression by sharing their stories through various art forms.

The third activity aims at holding InfoDays:
Both countries organize awareness raising days on gender-based violence. A total of 40 stakeholders participate in the InfoDays. The aim is to inform participants about the scope of the project as well as the results. Also to raise awareness on violence against women and how it can contribute to improving this social problem.

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