Social emotional learning form of awareness - Training Course for Youth Workers

This month we had the great pleasure of hosting and facilitating a training course for youth workers under the Erasmus+ program on "Social-Emotional Learning - A Form of Awareness".

We met wonderful people from Spain, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, North Macedonia, Italy, Serbia, Georgia, Slovenia, Romania, Cyprus, Portugal, Croatia, and Lithuania.

The idea of the project was to use non-formal and informal learning methods, training practices, and resources to introduce youth workers to key competencies and skills based on the five core areas of social-emotional learning (SEL) - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

The project achieved the following objectives:
  • To support the up-skilling and professional development of the competencies of youth workers and youth development practitioners to enable them to address the current challenges facing young people through quality practices and methods.
  • It brings together youth workers from different European countries to create a community of youth development professionals who support each other and join forces in the creation of projects and activities for young people.
  • Build the capacity to enhance the skills of organizations working in the youth sector and inspire innovative ways of working with young people.

This happened through discussions, role plays, knowledge sharing, and participation in exciting group activities, we learned through experience and practiced how to communicate and build relationships both with ourselves and others. In the end, everyone was able to take a piece of the experience back to their home and work.