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About us

We started in 2013 to support children and young people to develop their skills and personal qualities.

We work hard to ensure everyone’s skills are developed and everyone has had the chance to explore their full potential.

We strongly believe in the power of non-formal education to build skills, unleash potential and achieve personal goals.

We have implemented 23 projects which have included more than 800 young people from over 18 different countries.

Join us and you can be next!

VERONIKA MIHAYLOVA - Chairman of the association "Can you"

Veronika is an expert in the field of personal development, career guidance and building "soft" skills and key competencies. She has a lot of experience in education and professional development, has been awarded by the European Commission with a prize for good practices in career consulting. She has extensive experience in the management and implementation of European projects. In her practice as a coach, she has realized trainings on topics such as entrepreneurship, coaching, personal and professional development, introduction of innovative and informal methods of teaching in the educational system. Veronika is a certified Waldorf lecturer.  

Veronika is a certified coach and since 2018 has held the position of Director of Communications at the International Coach Federation in Bulgaria. She is also a trainer of teachers at the educational platform Ucha.se. She is involved in the organization of the Vitosha International Folklore Festival in her role of Communications and Project Coordinator. She is part of the Leadership Academy of the Council of Women in Business in Bulgaria and is one of the liazons of the team of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Veronika has extensive international experience. She has studied in various European countries and graduated with two degrees - International Relations and Finance. She is currently studying towards a master's degree in "Organizational and Social Psychology". In 2018 she worked in London, England in a company for upgrading and developing skills in partnership with the CEO, where she developed the organizational culture and implemented coaching and other practices. Veronika has participated as a lecturer and moderator of international conferences and seminars.

Veronika is actively involved in volunteering activities in the field of education, culture and youth sector and is a mentor in various programs and projects.

As a summary, what does Veronika do? - Inspires young people to turn their dreams into goals and motivate them to pursue and achieve them.

Why? - Because she puts her heart into everything she does; because she loves her job and because she believes that everyone can achieve the impossible.
POLINA SPASOVA - International Projects Coordinator

Polina is a career consultant and coach. Since 2010, Polina has been working in the field of education and has gathered vast international experience in companies such as PwC and Lehman Brothers in London. At PwC London, Polina worked in the Training and Human Resources Development department, where she was responsible for developing the soft skills of employees, as well as was responsible for their personal development. Polina was involved as a management consultant in various educational projects for training centers, schools and universities. 

Polina believes in the power of education and that we ourselves are the leaders of our own lives - it all depends on us. Polina has worked on international projects with schools and universities around the world. Since 2013 she has been a trainer, leading and facilitating trainings for young people and teachers.

Polina uses different coaching methodologies in teaching and has a lot of experience with non-formal education. Polina is a certified trainer for trainers and has organised and implemented a number of trainings in the area. 

Polina has experience in the corporate sector and in working with teams. She deals with the implementation of innovative practices and methods in the work of companies to increase their efficiency and productivity at the team level. 

Polina has many years of experience in managing and implementing projects with European and international funding. She is a mentor in various professional development and leadership programs. Implements projects under the European Voluntary Service.

Polina is a certified Montessori teacher.

So, in short,  what does Polina do? Polina is involved in career coaching for young people, working with both individual and group clients, and has conducted various trainings on the subject, both with young people and with teachers.

What does she believe in? In the power of each of us to achieve what we want. She believes that everyone has their own path to find and goals to achieve and the question is not whether you can or can't, but whether you want or don't want.

Why? Because each of us is unique, unrepeatable and great!

NIKOLA MITEV - Coordinator, "Communications and work with young people"

​Nikola is a student at Sofia University and studies PR. Nikola is travelling under the Erasmus + program for the first time in 2019 and since then he has been very enthusiastic, both under the program and under various initiatives and activities related to upgrading the skills of young people.

Nikola helps to carry out a number of projects, being actively involved in other activities of the organization. He has been involved in sports for a long time, which contributes to the acquisition of many positive qualities. However, his motivation for sports was interrupted after a serious injury, which contributed to his reorientation to the field of youth projects.

Nikola is responsible for all activities related to welcoming and sending volunteers abroad, communication with partners, organizing and facilitating trainings and more. Nikola has also developed his own project, which aims to encourage the exchange of life experience, knowledge and skills between different generations - in both directions. With this project, he manages to bring back the smile of the faces, of the people forgotten by society.

Nikola wants to give the opportunity to people who do not have the chance to travel and get to know different cultures, and this is a big plus for all of us! 

DENITSA YORDANOVA - Coordinator ,,Youth activities''

Denitsa has participated in numerous volunteer projects and initiatives in Bulgaria and abroad and has planned and organised various events such as youth exchanges, language, arts and sports activities for children, fundraising initiatives, public information campaigns and multicultural bazaars among others. 

Denitsa has a master's degree in Mаnagеment of services and organizations for non-formal education, enabling her to be an active contributor to the various dynamic and innovative activities of the Can U Association. Her field of knowledge and competencies include different practices of non-formal education inspired by innovation and a life-long desire for learning and sharing of knowledge, information, energy and experience. 

Through her work and projects, Denitsa aspires to empower young people to enrich and develop their knowledge, skills, competencies and multicultural awareness. She is committed to using good models and practices for non-formal and informal education to inspire young people to be enthusiastic about their future and willing to work smart to achieve their goals. 
Miryana Gatevaintern in project “Upgrade Yourself, pass it forward”

Miryana is a student of Portuguese Philology at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". She has been studying different languages all her life and now specializes in pedagogy. 

She is a children's English teacher at Sigma 2000 Pharos Ltd. She has many years of experience as an assistant in various psychological training programs for teenagers, which has given her valuable insights into communicating with and understanding people from different age groups, cultures and backgrounds. 

In 2022, she traveled through the Erasmus+ program, which further kindled her passion for introspection, stepping out of her comfort zone, and connecting with other people. 

She has been involved in the development and implementation of the "Upgrade Yourself, Pass It Forward" project, which focuses on introducing the circular economy and sustainability to young people in Bulgaria. Through her work she strives to create a motivating and safe environment where everyone has the opportunity to dream, develop and be themselves while learning and having fun.
George Totev intern in project “Upgrade Yourself, pass it forward”

Until he finished 10th grade George was at Zlatarski International School of Sofia studying by the UK program and getting an English IGCSE Certificate. For his last two years of high school, he had decided to study ICT at 97SU “Bratq Miladinovi”.

George has participated in two Erasum+ projects in 2021 where he found his passion for youth projects. Now he is an intern working on the “Upgrade yourself, pass it forward” project focused on circular economy.
Victoria Berezenko (Ukraine)
Victoria just finished Kharkiv National University of Arts and then passed the selection for the project in Bulgaria at the last moment. She likes watching and taking part in comedy shows, acting on a stage and volunteering at theatre and music festivals. Among  her other passions are travelling, meeting new people and learning languages.
Sergio de Mingo París (Spain)
Sergio has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism and wants to become a teacher within this specialty. He has  worked as a graphic designer and video editor for different agencies in Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Galway. This is his first time as a volunteer with the European Solidarity Corps and in a non-English speaking country. He decided to participate in this particular project in order to have the vision of the organization of festivals from a totally different point of view to get to know the Bulgarian culture.

           Sara Eugenia Vicente Sanz (Spain)
Sara just graduated in Tourism and loves traveling and learning about different cultures. She is a volunteer teacher for a carnival group, she loves dancing, being with young people, preparing costumes and the music for the parade. She has never been to Bulgaria before, but she thinks it’s a nice place to be during an ESC program. She will be involved in the organization of the International Folklore Festival Vitosha, which is perfect for her and she thinks she will enjoy it a lot. 

Yehor Buryi (Ukraine)
Yehor says: "I am 2nd year student of Management and Marketing in the  National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". I am actively taking part in social life of my city and I am interested in participating in youth exchange programs. I’m into healthy lifestyle, jogging and traveling. I’ve already started exploring Sofia and it’s an amazing place for sure. This is my first ESC and I expect to get a life time experience, learn as much as I can about the Bulgarian culture and nation. Can’t wait to become involved in the 2021 Vitosha International Folklore Festival which we will help to organize."
Yolanda Rodriguez (Spain)
Yolanda says: "I am 28 years old and I am from Spain. I studied social work and did this volunteering project with the European Solidarity Corpus in Bulgaria to gain new experience in the country after my long-term volunteering here ended unexpectedly due to Covid-19."

Iveri Shainidze (Georgia)
Ivery says: "My name is  Iveri Shainidze from Georgia. I am a student and I am studying at the International Black Sea University program of international relations. Also, I am a civil activist that is why I always try to gain experience and gain knowledge on various issues. I have volunteered in so many organizations because I think it has helped me a lot for my personal development. With this experience, I am trying to implement many projects for the community. I am one of the young members of the Europe-Georgia Institute non-governmental organization that promotes the development of democratic processes in the country. It is also interesting that I am a dancer and I have been dancing in the ensemble for 10 years."

Laura Garcia (Spain)
Laura says: "My name is Laura, I am from Spain and I am a social worker. I participated as a volunteer because I wanted to improve my English and because I wanted to live the experience of being a volunteer in a foreign country."
Mikheil Mtiulishvili (Georgia)
Misho is a third-year student at the Tbilisi Free University School of International Relations, majoring in Germany.  Along with university life, he is actively involved in civic activism, which, in his deep belief, is crucial to the development of the state. Since 2017, Misho has been the president of the non-governmental organization "European Initiators Association" aimed at raising civic awareness and making their peers more active. Since then, a number of interesting projects have been implemented in Gori Municipality to raise awareness among young people about civic and European integration.
Madalena Castro (Portugal)
Madalena says: '"Hey, everyone! I'm Madalena Castro and I come from Portugal. I studied Political Science and International Relations but I'm currently taking a gap year, which has allowed me to spend my time as a volunteer and exploring new places and cultures. I have learnt and grown from every project I've participated in and that's what makes the European Solidarity Corps an incredible initiative. I highly recommend it!"
Isabel Dias (Portugal)
Isabel says: "My name is Isabel, I am 20 years old and I'm from Portugal. I have a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. I am passionate about helping others, through volunteering, as well as travelling."
Eva Artmeladze (Georgia)
Nino (Eva) Artmeladze is 20 years old. She is a second-year student of Georgian Philology at Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Eva lives in the village of Begleti, Khulo Municipality. She is the main organizer of the project "Women for Change". Eva is actively involved in the volunteering activities of the Georgian Red Cross, Batumi Branch and Batumi Youth Center. She also heads the literary club "Homing with Eva". Her hobby is writing blogs about the elderly living in rural areas.
Mari (Bulgaria)
Mari is a young enthusiast and a student at the Italian lyceum and her passion is the love for the Italian language and culture. Mari is also an artist. From an early age, she practised modern, Latino and folk dances and participated in competitions, TV shows and videos. She encourages all young people to be creative and to take the opportunities of today's democratic world. Marie is also an avid traveller. 
Georgia Brownlow (UK)
Georgia is 18 years old and from England. From the age of sixteen she has been involved in various charitable and volunteer activities. She also cares for disadvantaged children and the elderly. 

In Bulgaria she participates in projects in the field of education. Georgia is developing her own project to develop presentation and communication skills. 

Roscoe Fenton (UK)

Roscoe has extensive international experience on several continents. He has a musical and theatrical education, and to this day he is a musician, singer and writes his own songs. He is also a youth football coach. 
In Bulgaria he helps children and young people to develop their foreign language skills and participates in various educational activities in educational institutions. 

Antia de Prado Rey (Spain)
Antia graduated in Law in Spain. She loves photography and all sports. She takes part in football training professionally and often spends her free time surfing. 

In Bulgaria, she teaches Spanish to young people and develops their skills through non-governmental projects and non-formal education

Marta Valcarce (Spain)
Martha graduated in Psychology in Spain. Her dream is to work as a psychologist and support young people to meet the challenges they face in the 21st century. She loves sports and travelling. 

In Bulgaria she participates in various volunteer activities in support of young people - develops their skills and supports them in the process of integration and adaptability. 

Paula Gutierrez (Spain)
Paula graduated in Accounting in Spain. She works as an administrative staff member in various international companies. She also makes handmade products, such as bags and jewellery. 

In Bulgaria she teaches Spanish and works with children and young people on various projects. 

Sophie Mojo (France)
Sophie graduated in Accounting with a specialisation in Financial Management in France. She has experience in youth activities and participates in organising summer camps. In her free time she likes to ski. 

In Bulgaria she teaches students from different schools in French and develops their communication skills. 

Kellian Leonard (France)
Kelian is an extremely adventurous person - he never stops traveling and facing new challenges.

In Bulgaria he teaches French in various schools, where students adore him and really have fun during his lessons.

Mommo Scaglione (Spain)
Momo is finishing History in Spain. For him, it is not just a university major, but a real passion. Momo is fascinated by foreign cultures, loves to travel and socialise with people. 

In Bulgaria he works to raise the cultural awareness of young people, their knowledge of Spanish and participates in various volunteer initiatives related to history and culture. 

Lorenzo Hazard (UK)
Lorenzo works in England as a teacher of Music and piano. He also teaches English to foreigners, giving both individual and group lessons. Lorenzo is about to start university and study Applied Arts. For him, the experience in Bulgaria remains very valuable, as working with children and students changed him a lot. In Bulgaria he works with children of different ages using non-formal education methods, games and songs/dances to inspire and educate them. 

Naomi Carter (UK)
Naomi is about to start a Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Development in the United Kingdom and is fighting climate change. She is interested in personal development and whilst working with us she constantly stepped out of her comfort zone to enjoy new challenges. In Bulgaria, she teaches English through non-formal teaching methods and develops her personal project, using photography to explore how Sofia is committed to the UN's sustainable development goals.  

Amelie B. Soraruff (France)
 Amelie has a doctorate in Philosophy and a Master in Literature. She lives in Scotland among old castles, cold rain and misty mountains. She likes reading, talking about herself, and cute cat videos on YouTube.

For Can You, she had the opportunity to conduct French conversational classes, write blog articles and produce contents for social media
Zubin Parekh (UK)
Zubin was very glad to take the opportunity to travel to Bulgaria and learn about the culture in a different country. He finished studying engineering at Swansea University and was eager to experience living abroad. While volunteering with us, he helped with school English lessons by leading activities that use non-formal methods of learning. Before this he had no classroom experience since he was a student so he found it brought back lots of memories. He really enjoyed staying in Sofia and in particular enjoyed traditional foods - lutenitsa and sirene - and playing football with local group Sofia Nomads.

Jess Morris (UK)
Jess is a very active young lady and has experience with many sports and fitness activities, as well as a lot of experience with Erasmus training courses and youth exchanges! Jess loves Bulgaria and learned a lot about the language and culture of the country with CanYou. She strongly encourages all young people in Europe to explore the world and get involved with all the amazing opportunities that are available.

Bruna Silva (Portugal)
Bruna spent 4 months in Bulgaria, during which she met many new people and acquired many new skills. Bruna worked with children and believes that she has found her passion, because she liked the job very much and would definitely do something related to the development of young people and children in the future.

Camila Molteni (Spain)
Camilla says: "My stay in Bulgaria was intense, but incredibly useful. I wish I didn't have to leave." According to Camilla, Bulgaria has so much to offer and wants to come again and again. She believes that she has used her time very well, met amazing people, learned many new things and more than once stepped out of her comfort zone.
Khadijah Bukhari (UK)
Khadijah Bukhari joined us from the UK! She is passionate about planning and implementing environmental initiatives and river clean-ups and plans to work on that while here! She's a recent Geography graduate and will be with us for 5 months.