ToLERaNce is a two-year Capacity Buiding Erasmus Plus project in the field of YOUTH, with the aim of promoting Human Rights through Drama/Theater and Sport. Partners from Romania, Kenya, South Africa, Bulgaria, Senegal, Italy.

The project teaches people that the only way to make someone feel loved is to play sports with them and try to be in their shoes for a moment. It also lets us know that we don't need to share a last name to be a family. Tolerance for the person next to us is more than enough to create a family. In addition, this project successfully convinces us that tolerance does not mean accepting inappropriate behavior, but that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and in turn should treat others with respect.

​​Writers from all over the world chose tolerance as the main theme of their dramas, novels, poems. One example observed during our visit to Kenyatta University in July 2021 was how students performed a drama written by themselves on the theme of awareness of tolerance in its various aspects.

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