What are our trainings?
Professional-oriented activities that integrate different approaches, working methods and techniques.
The trainings are extremely practical and directly applicable in individual life or in organizations / businesses.

Through them you can:
  • Improve your key skills
  • Make a very clear self-assessment of yourself or the team - strengths and weaknesses, personal motivation, tendency to change and other personal characteristics
  • Get acquainted with various techniques and practices with direct applicability in organizations, in team activities and in life in general
  • Improve your coaching skills - creating an environment of trust, active listening, direct communication, planning and goal setting, giving feedback and more
  • Gain project planning and execution skills
  • Get acquainted with various forms of financing

Depending on your needs, you will acquire skills to build your own training for the needs of your work context. You will improve your presentation skills, your communication, teamwork, your engagement and others

Why our trainings?
Our trainings are diverse and different, based on non-formal education. In them we learn through experience, exchange experiences and upgrade.

The trainings can be prepared according to an individual plan to meet the needs of the specific organization.

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