International training course “QM - ESC”

International training course “QM - ESC” – Quality Measures in the European Solidarity Corps
23rd August – 1st September 2021
Kysak, Slovakia

The training course aims to help participants to develop skills and competencies of a “coach” for youth work, which they would later apply to local and international youth work across Europe and beyond. Participants who complete the training course and the home assignments of 80 hours of coaching upon returning home will receive a Rescogita OU Certification by the Estonian Company “Res Cogita”, which is a partner in the project.
The training course is targeting teachers, therapists, psychologists, youth workers, youth leaders, community leaders and job office employees, the main criteria being that the participant is actively involved in value-based youth work in an educational role. Participants must be aged 18+, fluent in English and committed to working hard.
The first half of the training would focus on the development of constructive attitudes and self-confidence to engage in coaching practices. The second half would focus on providing practical coaching tools and dedicated space and time for practising.
The project will take place in a resort in the village of Kysak, which is located between the cities of Kosice and Prešov. The venue is out of town, we will be surrounded by nature.
A participation fee of EUR 30 is to be paid in cash in Slovakia.
If you are interested, please, send us your CV at or by 30 July 2021.
More detailed information about the project is available in the info pack below.