Lovech, Bulgaria Erasmus+ Teach

Can You
June 07 - June 15, 2021 (including travel days)
Sofia, Bulgaria


The training consists of practice-based learning for people who are interested in youth work. By participating in the project the participants will gain knowledge on how to use:

non-formal methods of education online platforms and technologies in education
Organisational psychology methods and practices

The participants will develop their own skills in running effective training and reaching the audience. This course provides methods and tools to ensure an efficient learning process.

The participants in the training learn through practice – an important way of maximising effectiveness and results. The course establishes a safe learning environment, where participants are able to take risks, are pushed out of their comfort zones and can provide each other with constructive feedback.


‘Can You’ supports and initiates activities related to the education and development of individuals and their potential. The organisation uses a variety of techniques, methods and tools of non-formal education to achieve its goals, in which coaching plays a major role. Can You team has carried out training, workshops, seminars and informational events worldwide and seeks to promote non-formal learning and its benefits as a tool for achieving positive sustainable effects?


• You are employed in the youth sector or are working with young people
• You are a trainer, educator, social worker, volunteer or facilitator of non-formal learning
• You are ready to explore different non-formal methods
• You have your own motivation and strong reasons to participate in the training course
• You are willing to spread the results of the training and to promote them in your community
• You have a sufficient level of English as a working language – basic knowledge
• You are committed to being active during the whole process of the training – preparation before, the course itself and evaluation afterwards

The course is suitable for youth workers and youth leaders, who want to deepen their knowledge and skills for teaching and inspiring and who believe in the power of education as a sustainable and effective tool for making changes in the world.
The goal of the selection process is also to ensure a diverse group of participants – people working in a variety of sectors, who will bring a different experience to the project.

If you are interested, please fill in the APPLICATION FORM.
Deadline for application: 19.05.2021