Youth exchange

Youth exchange "Old traditions, new ideas"

When: November 11-19, 2022
Where: Tesanovci, Slovenia

Number of participants: 7 young people aged 18-30 + 1 group leader (18+)

Profile of participants
Youth: interested in entrepreneurship and local business development;
with a desire to learn more and develop the entrepreneurial potential in themselves;
with a good command of the English language;

Main goals of the project:
1. Raising awareness of existing advantages in smaller settlements
2. Providing skills to identify business opportunities in smaller settlements and new ideas
3. Strengthening the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of the participants
4. Development of new personal, civic and entrepreneurial skills.
5. Supporting marginalized young people and encouraging overcoming local unemployment
Erasmus+ youth projects are based on non-formal educational methods, including presentations, outdoor activities, entrepreneurship training, etc. Project activities will include preparation, introduction, getting to know each other, plenary and group seminars, role-plays, outdoor activities, intercultural evenings, reflection, etc.
Expected end products: a collection of business plans applicable locally in smaller communities.

Important for all those wishing to participate:
1. Under the Erasmus+ program, 100% of accommodation and food costs are covered, and transport costs are reimbursed after the end of the project, upon sending original transport documents.
2. After approval, the participants pay a fee of 25 euros to the association "Can you". The fee is used for the administrative activities of the association for preparation, implementation and follow-up activities of the project, as well as for the fulfillment of all obligations of a sending organization, according to the requirements of the management of the Erasmus+ program. The estimated amount will also be used to cover the costs of postal fees, bank transfer fees, distribution of results and other administrative costs related to the organization of the trip, etc.
Registration deadline:

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