Youth Exchange, July 1-9 2021, Ioannina (GREECE)

July 1-9, 2021  
(including travel days)
Ioannina (GREECE)


“Social Influencers” is a youth exchange project, that will be implemented in Ioannina and is organized by young people from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey. In total 28 young participants, 7 youth leaders, and 3 facilitators will participate in the activity.

Its main goals are to raise awareness of young people about the project topic, to change attitudes and behaviors towards cultural diversity, to provide them with the necessary tools to organize awarenessraising activities on cultural diversity in the workplace, to develop their skills on the use of new technologies and various media, to enhance the exchange of views and the cooperation of young people from the Balkan countries and to develop youngsters' important capacities and skills.

Its main theme is cultural diversity in the work environment, immigrants integration and cceptance in the workplace. Its methodology is based on non-formal learning methods with emphasis on experiential and peer learning. In brief, the project aims to:
 Raise awareness on interculturalism and exclusion of immigrants in the workplace
 Improve the attitudes and behaviors of young people towards cultural diversity and combat xenophobic and stereotypical perceptions
 Prepare young people to take initiatives in the field, using new technologies, media, and other innovative means to carry out awareness-raising activities
 Promote the exchange of ideas and best practices between organizations and young people from different countries and increase their co-operation.

The project includes a youth exchange to be implemented in Ioannina providing a series of interactive activities on the migration/refugee issue, discrimination, stereotypes, prejudices, intercultural dialogue and understanding.

It will involve 28 young participants from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds with keen interest in exploring these issues. The project includes people with fewer opportunities. The project's methodology is based on the equal cooperation of the partners and the active involvement of young people in all its aspects. The exchange will be based on non-formal learning methods with particular emphasis on experiential and peer learning that will come as a result of the participants’ interaction. Young people will be actively involved in all the activities and will contribute to their realization with their ideas and creativity.

Participants’ Profile

 Young people 18 – 30 years old, interested in exploring the issues and thematic areas of the project;
 With keen interest on exploring the obstacles and difficulties that migrants are facing and willing to actively contribute to their social integration;
 Interested in fighting against racism towards refugees and migrants and willing to engage in addressing possible prejudices and stereotypes;
 Willing to learn more about Human Rights violations and abuses and how to address them;
 With fewer opportunities (economic obstacles, social obstacles, cultural differences);
 With good command of the English language.
 The Group Leaders should be 18 years old and over.

Deadline: June 13th, 2021

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Find more about the project in the attached Info Pack